On-Campus Jobs

Student Temporary Wage positions are open to any interested, and currently enrolled, UNC Charlotte student.

Part-time Jobs for students

  • UNC Charlotte offers part-time jobs for all currently enrolled students. These jobs are called "Student Temporary Wage positions".
  • There are no financial eligibility requirements which must be met to obtain a position of this type. 

how to apply

 pay rates / maximum hours / time sheets

  • Student employees are paid a minimum of $9 per hour.
  • You may be compensated at a higher rate depending upon critieria such as skills and/or responsibiliites required, length of service, etc.  
  • During the academic year and the summer while you are attending classes, you are allowed to work up to twenty (20) hours in any given week. 
  • Student Temporary Wage hourly employees are paid monthly on the 15th (or last business day prior to the 15th) for all hours worked in the preceding month (e.g.: payment in October for September hours worked). 
  • Timesheets must be completed, signed, and submitted to your supervisor, no later than the first day of the month in which you are to be paid (e.g. 10/1 for a 10/15 pay date).
  • Read more about student temporary wage positions.

Documentation needed for working on campus 

  • View this complete list of acceptable I-9 documents.
  • You must bring the original document(s) for identification and/or employment authorization.  The university cannot accept copied, faxed or e-mailed copies of documents.
  • Examples:
    • If you have an unexpired US Passport or a Permanent Resident Card, you only need this document. 
    • If you do not have either of these documents, you will need to bring both: an unexpired government issued photo ID (i.e. Student ID, Drivers License, or Military ID) and an employment authorization document (i.e. Social Security Card or Birth Certificate)