FWS-Next Steps

Plan ahead - After accepting a job, it will take at least 10 business days to process your employment paperwork.

New students - Next steps after accepting a FWS job on campus

  1. View the online orientation (look for it under Assignments in Canvas). You must complete this before you can begin working. This only needs to be completed once. 
  2. At the end of the orientation, click the link to download the hiring packet. Complete the forms.
  3. Bring your original I-9 verification documents, the employee receipt of electronically filed I-9 form, and hiring packet to Human Resources main desk in King Building, Room 222.
  4. Human Resources will verify your ID and take your completed hiring packet. They will then give you your yellow card.
  5. Take the yellow card to your employer. 
  6. Your employer needs to complete an FWS EPAF.  
  7. During peak time, it may take 10 business days for your paperwork to be reviewed and for you to be set up for payroll. 

Returning students - Same or different job as last year

  1. Ask your hiring manager to complete an FWS EPAF.  
  2. During peak time, it may take 10 business days for your paperwork to be reviewed and for you to be set up for payroll. 

Hiring Timeline

Date you want to start working Submit completed appointment form by You will receive your first paycheck
Aug 20 Aug 17 Sept 13
Sept 3 Aug 22 Oct 15
Oct 1 Sept 22 Nov 15