Non-FWS Hiring Process

Follow these steps for hiring non-FWS, new student employees: (click here for FWS process)

  1.  Create a Hire-A-Niner account 

  • Log in as an employer, not faculty/staff
  1. Post position to Hire-A-Niner

  1. Review applicants & interview students

  2. Make offer of employment to student

  3. Have the student complete and submit an online I-9 form and student employee new-hire packet
  • Upload completed new hire packet to this Dropbox.  If they have any issues uploading paperwork to Dropbox, they can print the paperwork and submit it during their HR appointment.  Please contact if they have any issues uploading or if they have questions regarding the forms prior to submitting. 
  1. Have the student schedule an appointment to present their I-9 verification documents to HR. 
  • Students should bring their I-9 verification document(s) to Human Resources at their scheduled appointment time. (View acceptable documents
  • Once they have completed and uploaded the paperwork and provided HR with their I-9 document(s), they will be sent an electronic I-9 verification card that they will be able to forward to their supervisor/department for verification that they have completed the new hire process.
  1. Hiring department sets a future start date and completes and submits appropriate form
  • EPAF, eGA, or Student Temp Wage Form

International Students Orientation Session

  • International students need to be instructed to contact the ISSO for information about orientation and the hiring process. 

Hiring Procedure for Returning Student Employees (Non-FWS)

  • Returning student workers who have worked on campus will already have a Verification Card. 
  • If they have lost their Verification Card, they should email to obtain a new one.
  • If they have not had a year or more break in service, all the hiring department needs to do is submit the eGA or EPAF
  • If they have had a year or more break, the student will need to complete a new I-9 and hiring packet before they begin working